Learn to Lead

So you’re ready to tie in to the sharp end? On this course you’ll learn all the necessary skills for safe and competent leading and, if appropriate, lead some routes under close supervision and guidance.

Over two days we’ll cover climbing technique, rope-work, gear placement, building belays and stance management.

This course runs with a minimum of two clients. This is so you can belay each other while I can offer instruction and coaching from a fixed line outside the system, allowing maximum learning opportunity while you’re on the rock.

Ratio: 2 clients to 1 instructor.

Cost: £175 per person

Dates: Get in touch for 2013 dates

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What you get: Instruction and equipment (hardware and ropes) are provided. If you need accommodation I can recommend somewhere or arrange it for you.

What you need: It’s expected that by this stage you’ll have your own climbing shoes and harness, and possibly a helmet. If you don’t own climbing shoes then I’d recommend getting some for the course. Harness and helmet can be provided if needed. If you have your own rack and ropes and want to get used to them then bring them along. You’ll need warm clothes and waterproofs if you have them, depending on the weather. Plus a rucksack to put it all in.

What if it rains?: Often in North Wales you can go to different venues to escape bad weather. For example if it’s raining in the mountains then it’s often dry at the coast. We’ll endeavour to spend as much time out on the rock as possible, but if it’s really bad then we’ll head indoors where we can cover much of the course content in the warm and dry (this would cost around £7).