Working the Weaknesses

Glyn after the roof on Mangoletsi E3 6a.

Sometimes it’s hard to do what’s best for your climbing development when all you want to do is go climbing and have fun. I always play to my strengths and pick routes I’m likely to succeed on, a quick glance at the E4-E6s that I’ve done will reveal that they’re mostly slabs or vertical wall climbs.

Me, complete with paparazzi on the jamming test-piece of Neb Direct E4 6a.

I can climb steep rock, but steep things intimidate me, maybe it’s because I know I’m on the egg timer to pumping out, or maybe they just really are intimidating!

This spring I’ve been trying to work this weakness. I’ve been climbing roofs, jamming cracks, steep and intimidating routes, and a few bits and pieces I’ve been putting off for a while as I want the on-sight.

It’s hard to know which part of ¬†your climbing is letting you down. Maybe you sub-consciously avoid a certain style of route or a certain rock type – try making an effort to get on these and learn to like them. Ask your climbing buddies where they think your weaknesses lie. If you broaden your climbing skills and iron out these weaknesses then your climbing as a whole will benefit.

Glyn monkeying up King Kong E2 5c.

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